Soil Savvy – Soil Test Kit

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Soil Savvy – Soil Test Kit. Simply follow the instructions in the package, and send in your soil for analysis: HOW TO USE: Step 1) Fill jar with soil. Step 2) Ship in provided pre-paid postage envelope. Step 3) Results are available in 7-10 days via email or on our website Your personalized report will show the levels of 14 nutrients in your soil plus pH. Nutrients analyzed include: Nitrogen (reported as Total N, nitrate (NO3-N) and ammonium (NH4-N)), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), sulfur (S), sodium (Na), iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), zinc (Zn), copper (Cu), boron (B) and aluminum (Al). Upon receiving your personalized report, find the organic or synthetic fertilizer that matches the listed recommendation (or the closest match available in your area), and apply based on your reported results, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Currently, there are no soil test kits available to the general public that provide precise fertilizer recommendations in an easy-to-read format, tailored for a customer’s specific soil. Soil Savvy is a professional-grade soil test kit that provides easy-to-understand fertilizer recommendations for organic and synthetic nutrient products, a truly sustainable approach to fertilizer management. Your personalized soil report shows what nutrients your plants need, without over-applying the ones they don’t! Soil Savvy is a product designed and manufactured by UNIBEST International, in Washington state. UNIBEST technology is deployed on all continents (excluding Antarctica), and has been providing farmers, agribusiness and home garden consumers with monitoring products and data that is suited for their own unique application for years – whether that be to optimize crop management, understand environmental contamination, or to simply grow a healthier home lawn and garden. In all cases, UNIBEST is a proven trusted resource, diligently helping our customers succeed. Soil Savvy – Soil Test Kit



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