Solvita Gardencare Test Kit

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Solvita Gardencare Test Kit. For Soil and Compost Testing: Soil biology is one of the most significant traits of sustainable soil fertility. This test kit directly measures the biological response of the soil. Common soil test kits only measure chemicals in the soil. – Gardencare helps you determine how much organic matter in the form of compost to add to your soil in order to achieve peak fertility. In order to safeguard against immature composts which can be harmful to soil, the test also permits maturity classification of the compost that you intend to use. Knowing more about compost, and using it properly, helps make your soil significantly more productive and problem-free. – Gardencare is completely safe – no messy, harmful chemicals are involved! Gardencare takes the guesswork out of caring naturally for your soils. – THE RESULT: Outstanding yields and high-quality from your garden!- This kit come with 4 tests (2 Soil + 2 Compost), 2 test jars, a manual and interpretation guide and pH test strips (15 strips and 2 test tubes). – | Shelf life 1 year. Solvita Gardencare Test Kit



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