Terrarium Tools by Juicykits – 5-Piece Set with Handmade Toolbag – for Terrariums of all Types

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The perfect tool kit for making your own DIY succulent terrarium! Juicykits’ custom-designed tool kit is perfect for building beautiful, small succulent gardens, with 5 of the most useful tools including a long spoon with soil packer, round-tipped tweezers, coarse hair brush, water pouring spout, and paper funnels. Juicykits Terrarium Tool Kit includes: – The 12″ long metal spoon has a small scoop area to get soil and sand into tight spaces while the opposite end of the spoon has a small soil packer to keep plants in place once you’ve arranged them. – Stainless steel tweezers have a rounded tip and smooth grip so that your juicy plants don’t get bruised or poked while you’re working with them. – A 12″ coarse haired brush is just stiff enough to sweep away dirt and sand without damaging plants and long enough to get into tight spots. – A stainless steel, low-flow pouring spout fits onto most water and wine bottles. Perfect for precisely watering any terrarium project without getting water spots on the glass. – 3 waxed paper funnels for getting soil and sand into targeted areas. You can also use it to scoop up larger amounts of soil. – A handmade muslin drawstring tool bag to hold everything when you’re not using it. – Instructional pamphlet to show you how to use each included terrarium tool. Juicykits is America’s favorite online store for DIY terrarium kits, accessories, and plants such as succulents and tillandsia air plants. We’ve been featured on national television shows and magazines for our unique and tasteful designs that compliment modern homes and workplaces. Be sure to check the Juicykits website for great videos and articles on making DIY terrariums, terrarium care and maintenance, succulent care instructions, and more. We think you’ll love our products and our helpful information!



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