The Twister Fruit Picker with Extension Pole

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The Twister Fruit Picker with Extension Pole. PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA! The Twister Fruit Picker® now comes completely assembled with a 7-12 foot fiberglass extension pole. Made specifically for the picker by NorDot Industries LLC, the pole has an integrated slide handle which allows the operator to open and close the picking rings with ease…everything you need to be picking fruit within five minutes of this item arriving at your home! Included: one set of New and Improved Fruit Sleeves which easily slip over the picking rings to allow you to pick small or hard-to-grip fruit. …………………. Pick fruit easily with no fruit or tree damage – The Twister Fruit Picker® was designed for you to easily, safely and correctly pick fruit…no ladder is required. Made of a durable lightweight engineered reinforced polymer that is UV-resistant, the picker’s slim lightweight design allows you to target individual fruit because you can see what you are picking. Simply slip The Twister Fruit Picker® into the tree, select your piece of fruit, and with both hands, twist it off the tree. No more struggling through the limbs and branches as you do with a cumbersome wire basket or a bag-type fruit picker! No more tugging and yanking that damages the tree! You can pick one fruit out of a cluster without others falling to the ground, you can easily reach the best and highest fruit in the tree that goes to waste, and The Twister Fruit Picker’s® twisting motion eliminates tree and fruit damage. Most fruit, large or small, soft or hard skinned, can be picked with The Twister Fruit Picker®. The Twister Fruit Picker with Extension Pole



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