ThinkBamboo 8pc Bonsai Set, shears and clippers – 3 year guarantee

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ThinkBamboo 8pc Bonsai Set, shears and clippers – 3 year guarantee. This set includes 5 different shears, and 3 handy spring handled leaf trimmers. All items come razor sharp and lightly oiled. To maintain them, simply wash after every use, pat dry, and lightly oil.Modern stainless steel shears with comfort hard rubber handles are shown in the second picture: 7′ Bypass pruner and 7 1/2′ Shears for cutting heavier branches and 8′ long neck shear for close detail work.The third picture shows the two classic wrought carbon steel shears. Non-stainless high carbon steel takes an exceptionally keen edge, and has a traditional look and feel, but will rust if proper care is not taken. Be sure to clean and oil these after each use. Also included are 3 of the 4 1/4′ leaf trimmer shown in the fourth picture. These come packed in a protective plastic sleeve, and are super sharp and super handy. You’ll want one in every room of the house, and not just with your bonsai tools. Perfect for anytime you need to make a quick snip, like clipping off a loose thread, removing tags from new clothes, opening packages, trimming dead leaves and wilted blooms from your non-bonsai houseplants or clipping coupons.These shears and trimmers are produced for us in China to keep costs low. But be assured, we searched until we found tools of the highest quality. If for any reason, you aren’t pleased with them, just return them within 30 days for a full refund. 3 year free replacement guarantee, if any of these tools break within 3 years, just send us a picture, and we’ll get a replacement sent out to you if you cover the shipping. ThinkBamboo 8pc Bonsai Set, shears and clippers – 3 year guarantee



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