Worth Garden Trowel Hoe Leave Rake Cultivator Transplanter 5 Pieces Hand Tools Set

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The Hand Trowel is used for planting, transplanting, weeding, moving, and smoothing soil. It is a versatile tool for gardening and planting. The handle will make you feel comfortable during gardening tasks. The Culti-Hoe is designed for close cultivation around existing plants. The flat ‘hoe’ side is used for chopping, weeding and clearing light garden growth. The pointed ‘prong’ side is used for cultivating the soil. The Leave Rake is used for clearing leaves and debris from lawns. The flexible steel tines will pull out thatch for a healthier lawn. The steel head is bolted to the handle for a secure connection while raking. The Hand Cultivator easier penetration into the ground so that could digging in the garden to loosen soil much easy. The tool can also be used to remove small weeds growing around plants. Turn the head sideways to use the tool for smoothing and leveling planters and beds. The Transplanter is a practical tool for weeding and cultivating the soil in your garden and for measuring the correct depth for planting. Multi-purpose spading tool for potted and garden plants. Head includes depth measurement guide in inches and centimeters. These tools are made of heat treated hardened steel construction, powder coat finished surface with ergonomic handles. The special design handle could protect your hand and save the force from arm during you tasks. All tools have a two year manufacturer warranty.



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