XLUX T20 Professional Soil pH and Moisture Meter

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XLUX T20 Professional Soil pH and Moisture Meter. The XLUXTM T20 Soil pH and Moisture Meter is your ideal tool for your plants, suitable for outdoor and indoor plants, gardens and grass lawns Promotes Healthy Plants The XLUX Soil pH Meter help you know your soil more clearly • Decide when to water. You will never over/under water your plants again • Help control Ph level in soil, acidic or alkaline is suitable for your plants You will never plant your lovely flowers into high-acid or Extremely alkaline soil Easy To Use • Clean and inset the probe of the meter to the plants’ roots, and Soil covered the metallic surface completely • Wait about 10 minutes, and then you can read the pH or moisture value on the dial, press the button to switch two readings • Remove probe from soil and wipe clean after each use Tips 1. Avoid stones when inserting the probe 2. After using, please clean the probe and dry it before storing(can’t test the water) 3. Don’t leave the probe in the soil for too long Speciation pH Range: 3-8 Moisture Range: 1-8(10%-80%) Resolution: ±0.2 pH Operation Temp: 5 – 50℃ / 41 -1 22℉ Calibration: Remove oxidation from metal rings by light polishing Package Includes 1 x XLUX T20 Soil pH and Moisture Meter 1 x User Manual. XLUX T20 Professional Soil pH and Moisture Meter



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