Zenport EC101 Plant Essence Lipid Oil Extraction Contraption Kit

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Zenport EC101 Plant Essence Lipid Oil Extraction Contraption Kit. The Zen port EC101 Extraction Contraption is a revolutionary advancement in carbon dioxide lipid plant material oil essence extraction technology, tailored especially for plants that contain trichomes. This new revolutionary technology utilizes a process that harnesses the sub-zero temperatures of dry ice along with centrifugal force to easily and efficiently extract essence oils from lipid plant materials. The CO2 from the dry-ice added to the Cryogenic Tumbler tumble freeze dries the plant material by acting like a rotating pump to remove the water from the air surrounding the raw plant material. The Cryogenic Tumbler simply amplifies the ‘freeze fracturing’ effect by applying stress and agitating the materials into smaller particulates. At these very low temperatures lipid oils are broken down into a paraffin waxy powder which is extracted and then easily compacted by the Extraction Contraption. Practical uses for the Extraction Contraption include, but are not limited to, rosemary, mint, chili pepper plant, lavender, marijuana and other various medicinal herbs. In addition to the Extraction Contraption, a 1-1/4 cubic foot capacity portable cement mixer Cryogenic Tumbler is required and not included. The portable cement mixer, part number 91907 is available at Harbor Freight Tools. Dry ice is not included and is required to perform the cryogenic extraction. Zenport EC101 Plant Essence Lipid Oil Extraction Contraption Kit



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