Zip Premium All Purpose Wrapped Fire Starter (12 Pack)

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Zip Premium All Purpose Wrapped Fire Starter (12 Pack). Zip developed the market leading kerosene fire lighter over 77 years ago, and today has Grown to be the most trusted and loved fire lighting brand. Zip firelighters have been designed to be safe reliable and convenient so that you can enjoy a family BBQ in the sun or a warm cozy fire in the winter. Zip high performance original firelighters are the most powerful block firelighters and their distinctive look has been formulated to ensure the cubes burn hotter for longer. These blocks are produced so that you can easily light even the most difficult fuels such as anthracite COAL, Peat or wet wood. Because of the compact size of the fire starters (2.25 X1 X0.75 ) they are perfect for variety of Applications such as backpacking, and camping. They are individually wrapped making transporting easy and clean, when you’re ready to use them all you need to do is light the wrapper. Zip Premium All Purpose Wrapped Fire Starter (12 Pack)



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